15 MUST-Have Free Apps for Mac

15 MUST-Have Free Apps for Mac


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These are useful apps that I actually use. Not any fancy apps.
I have installed all these apps on my new mac mini M1.

1. Brave

Main feature: ad blocker. Especially for youtube. I consume a lot of youtube videos, so it's really useful for me. Also, it's 99% similar to chrome. So you will not feel any difference.

2. Chrome

I installed chrome because some sites may rarely break on brave like irctc, payments, etc. Also, sites like meet calls, etc work best with chrome.

3. Barrier

Barrier is a really useful software for people who have two computers. It lets you use more than one computer with a single pair of mouse and keyboard.

4. Audacity

It is simply one of the best apps for audio editing. I needed it to edit audio for my youtube videos.

5. VN editor

It's a very nice and simple video editor. Slightly differ from traditional video editing applications.

6. VLC

Mac's QuickTime player is also good but I am used to VLC so I installed it next.


The next 5 apps are very useful productivity apps.

7. Rectangle

Rectangle helps you manage open windows. Just like we do it on windows os.

8. CopyClip

CopyClip lets you choose from the last few copied items in the clipboard. Again windows is better in this case too. You will just need Win + v shortcut.

9. Shottr

best free app for screenshots and also quickly editing screenshots.
Lets you blur text, remove icons, etc.

10. QuickShade

QuickShade lets you control the display brightness of external monitors.

11. Mockuuups studio

Quite a useful app for thumbnail and content creation. It helps perfectly place any image on different screens.

12. Android file transfer

Most useful software if you have a mac and android phone. It's very handy for me as I record videos on an android phone and edit them on a mac.

The next one is a very important app, I think everyone should use it.

13. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is one of the best free password managers. It's open-source as well. Works well on different platforms.

14. Google drive

If you use google drive often then this is for you. Once you install google drive on mac, you will be able to browse google drive content in the finder itself.

15. BitLord

BitLord is the best free torrent client on mac.

16. AppCleaner

A very handy app for uninstalling mac applications including all the system files related to that app.

17. Da Vinci

This is the best free video editing software available.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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