What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Let's discuss pros and cons of starting with javascript, python or c


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This is a very tricky question and the answer is tricky too. Whether you are pursuing CSE/IT or trying to get into tech on your own, this is an important question.

Please take this article as my personal opinion.

First, let's see the options we have. I feel the 3 best choices we have are C, Python, and Javascript.


C would be a great choice for people who are not in a hurry. Best suitable for students in school or in the first/second year of college.


  1. Great for learning fundamentals of programming

  2. Gives you a clear understanding of the building blocks of programming

  3. Sets up for the future. Knowing the syntax of C will make it easy for you to understand other languages later (like Java, javascript)

  4. Less distracting. As there's not much possible with C, you will only focus on programming. Also later you will have to switch to another language because of that you will not be attached to any one language.


  1. Not be able to make full-fledged projects

  2. Slightly harder compared to language like python

  3. Will take a little longer to master and also you have to switch to another language later


Python is a great choice for people who have less time and wants to start creating projects from the start itself. Also, if you have already decided to go into machine learning or artificial intelligence related fields, python is the best for you.


  1. The syntax is one of the easiest

  2. It can do a lot of things, so may not have to switch to another programming language for quite long

  3. A clear advantage to getting into fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence


  1. The syntax is quite different from other common languages like Java, js, etc

  2. Because it does a lot of things you may not think of learning another language on your own. Later when required to learn a new language, it will feel slightly odd if not hard

  3. Less understanding of important topics like Object-oriented programming, strict data types, etc


A perfect option for people who are inclined toward web development. With all the rapid changes and new frameworks/libraries, javascript becomes the most popular language among students.


  1. Best for web development

  2. Great for learning common programming syntax and making projects as well

  3. All-rounder language for fullstack development


  1. Too many options to choose from (frameworks/libraries) when making projects

  2. it does not enforce strict types and OOP principles

Lastly, I would say you can't go wrong with any of these. Just choose one according to your current situation and be open to learning new languages as required. Once you become good with one programming language, picking up another one would be very easy.

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